Wednesday , 12 December 2018


My primary business is a trucking company named JT Hotshotting that my father and I created back in 2006. We offer expedited shipping services that are unmatched by anyone else in efficiency. Blogging is just a fun activity for me to do in the evenings.

I started blogging back in 2005 and it was my best friend who got me into it. Before that I had no idea what a blog even was or why people had them. However, when I saw what he was doing (and making some money with it) I immediately wanted in on the action.

Back then, WordPress was not even close to being easy to use. He taught me a lot since he was a software engineer and got me started on the right track. It wasn’t until 2 years later that I started making money from my website. It was just a general knowledge site and I was really just having fun with it. Then in 2009 is when I decided to really get serious about what I was doing. I started teaching myself affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, PPC marketing and CPA marketing. I also took the time to teach myself all of the ins, outs and tricks of ¬†Wordpress so that I could build effective micro niche and authority websites.

Justin Anfinson dot Com is only a 2 year old website and I honestly haven’t paid much attention to it until now. My plan is to share my experiences (business and personal) and hopefully create a learning opportunity for my readers to benefit from.

My Biggest Piece Of Advice To New Bloggers

When I look back, I see the amount of hours that I’ve put into just learning and researching the entire subject of internet marketing far outweighs the time I’ve actually spent on blogging and setting up money making websites. I would like to advise new bloggers to read up on one aspect of internet marketing they favor the most, and then implement their knowledge right away. This way you can get a project off the ground immediately and once it’s self sufficient, you can move onto the next. The biggest mistake most would be internet marketers make is that they never act on their knowledge.

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