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Growing A Successful Blog Case Study: Part 1 Getting Started

case study

Alright, its time to get serious with this blog! I’ve had it for 3 years now and its been more of a toy than a tool. By toy I mean its been a place where I’ve been playing around with the graphic design element of it. I’ve also just been using it as a place to write down and store my knowledge. Read More »

Why MegaUpload Was Really Shut Down


The creators of MegaUpload had an ace in their sleeve that would rock the music industry to its core. Seriously, just sit down and read this because I couldn’t believe it either when I found out! It’s simply unheard of and cannot be competed against. Read More »

Persistence Is The Key To Success

persistence of a dream

I used to want everything to happen in a flash. For the short period of time that I worked on any of my multiple projects, I worked extremely hard however I never kept at it long enough to see the rewards (with exception of one business I had worked on for 7 years and it never became something I could hang my hat on – I’m convinced there is no market for it now). Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S2 Review

samsung galaxy s2

I just recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 and needless to say I’m very pleased with it. When it comes to phones, I’m extremely critical. I’ve owned Motorola’s, Blackberry’s and iPhones. To be honest, I’ve never been a Samsung guy until now. I’ve always hated their appliances, monitors, TV’s etc… They really hit the nail on the head with this phone though. It makes the iPhone4 look like total crap. iPhone may have been the ... Read More »

SOPA & PIPA A Game Changer?

SOPA blackout screenshot

When I saw all the news on this I almost choked! How┬áridiculous┬áis it to censor just about everything on the internet? Not to mention give all of the censoring power to the entertainment industry and government. Today, many large open project websites that we all use have “blacked out” the user contributed content on their sites to prove a point of what it would look like if these 2 US Bills got passed in Congress. Read More »

Baby Sloths During Bath Time

baby sloth

Have you ever wondered how baby sloths react to taking a bath? If you have, this video is too cute to pass up! I don’t normally post up videos of animals but this is just too adorable. Read More »