Wednesday , 12 December 2018
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What Is Y Combinator And How Can It Help Your Start Up?

y combinator

Y Combinator is a facilitator of getting start up businesses through their first phase which is essentially getting them to the point where they have an impressive enough product to attract larger scale angel investors or even acquirers. How Y Combinator does this is called seed funding and it’s the earliest stage of venture capital. It covers the initial costs of getting off the ground. Read More »

Kevin Rose Interview: Google Ventures Partner Admits Passing On Pinterest Investment Was Unwise

kevin rose interview

Seasoned start-up entrepreneur (Revision3, Digg, Pownce, and Milk) and investor Kevin Rose was recently interviewed at TechCrunch Disrupt and gave some interesting insight into the world of Google and how he passed on a golden opportunity by not investing in Pinterest. Read More »

Can Indifference Help Your Business Become More Successful?


Back in 2006, I started an expedited shipping business called JT Hotshotting with my father. Since the inception of the company, its grown exceptionally well over the past 6 years. Read More »

Chomp: Apple’s Attempt At A Search Engine?

chomp logo

In case you hadn’t heard, back in late February 2012, Apple undertook an acquisition of to the tune of $50 million. Chomp simply put is (for now) a search engine for iPhone, iPad and Android apps. Read More »

Why MegaUpload Was Really Shut Down


The creators of MegaUpload had an ace in their sleeve that would rock the music industry to its core. Seriously, just sit down and read this because I couldn’t believe it either when I found out! It’s simply unheard of and cannot be competed against. Read More »