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My Contribution To Helping Earthquake Victims In Chile

My Contribution To Helping Earthquake Victims In Chile

On February 27th, an earthquake reaching 8.8 on the Richter scale hit south central Chile. It was so incredibly strong that it was felt for hundreds of kilometers north and south of the epicenter. Unfortunately, this massive movement of the earths plates also triggered and tsunami tidal wave which traveled out across the Pacific ocean.

In its path lay the tiny Robinson Crusoe Island about 575km off the Chilean coastline. Since the wave was moving at over 600 km/h, it only took 45 minutes for it to reach the tiny island with a village of only 750 residents. By the time it got to the island, the waves were 15 meters high and literally destroyed the entire village. Sadly, there are now 9 casualties and 7 people missing.

To raise awareness about this catastrophe, I volunteered my time and effort to build a website called Help Robinson Crusoe Island which is dedicated to helping the cause. I am doing my best to promote the website and wish for others who read my article to do the same. Remember that even passing on the link to the website is considered helping!

Help Robinson Crusoe Island

The website will also be posting fundraising events to of course raise financial aid which will then be transferred to the Chilean organization called Fuerza Juan Fernandez, which is a new official organization that was formed following the tragedy on the island.

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