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Paul McCartney Concert: On The Run Tour Live HD Video

Paul McCartney Concert: On The Run Tour Live HD Video

Well I most definitely have had my fair share of concerts lately. Just last week I was at the Alice Cooper concert and it was a blast.

Paul McCartney was such a treat to see. He puts out such a polished act and is certainly a living legend. We were fortunate enough that he played mostly Beatles material (that’s what I was really there for). I’ve never been that much of a Wings fan.

The BC Place Stadium in downtown Vancouver hosted Paul’s 2012 On The Run Tour concert. There were 60,000 people in attendance. Ya, he didn’t have to work too hard to sell that out!

Who knows if he’ll ever tour again. He remarked/implied at the end of the night that he may come back to Vancouver but who really knows? I guess he does. You have to remember though he is 70 now and that’s really pushing it for any rock star.

I got all the video I could though. We were not allowed to bring in any camera’s with removable lenses. I had a good seat but due to the massive size of the stadium I really wished I had my Sony SLT A57 camera with my telescopic lens for filming. I wound up having to use a new Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS20. The quality of filming that it produced was great since it was full HD with stereo sound. The hard part was actually filming at 40x zoom. My arms got extremely tired from having to hold it so steady. If I made a move either way of  a quarter inch, it resulted in 10ft of movement on the stage. I did my best though!

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